HOW TO CONTRIBUTE invites you and all the people who love Indonesia to explore and introduce the country to the world through writings, images, or videos:

CONTENT. Your stories could be about tourist attractions, destinations, local arts and cultures, or local cuisines.

ARTICLE. All of the contents must be original. An article should not exceed 1500 words and could be written in either bahasa Indonesia or English and should be sent in doc or docx format (please avoid sending rtf).

PHOTO. Please do not include photos on the docs; simply indicate that photos are available upon request. If submitting photo essay, please provide Google Photos gallery or other URLs where your images are available.

VIDEO. You can submit the unprocessed raw-materials (to be edited by our video editor) or a ready-to-publish video along with one or two paragraphs of videos caption.

SUBMIT. Submit your articles, photos, or videos to Make sure you write [SUBMISSION] CONTENT TITLE on the subject, and provide information such as name, brief bio, e-mail, web/blog and social media URLs.

TERMS. (1) telusuRI has right to select submissions you send, edit and reconstruct the stories, and reject contents which are not in accordance with the spirit of; (2) The copyright of each article belongs to the writer or creator; (3) telusuRI is not responsible for your contents. Nonetheless, telusuRI will curate, edit, and do research before publishing a content; (4) Since it is a voluntary contribution, telusuRI does not compensate you in any form except for by putting your short profile on your article as a way to say thank you; (5) It is forbidden to republish all of the materials (articles, photos, and videos) of telusuRI in other media without permission from the creator. Please contact for information about republishing.

Let’s discover local Indonesia!